Distance Learning: Craniosacral Biodynamics--supported distance learning via Hybrid Study.

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Craniosacral Biodynamics--supported distance learning via Hybrid Study.


This is a brand new way to study Craniosacral Biodynamics!  This hybrid training of video-based lessons (online and/or DVD) plus instructor led study groups maximizes your time and deepens learning.  Call 719-256-1111 to discuss details.  Each seminar is professionally filmed and precisely instructed. 

The format for the BCST hybrid study follows the course description on the Craniosacral Therapy page providing the same ten seminars as they were recorded in class.  Each seminar tuition is $595.00; supervised practice groups incur additional fees, TBD.

The BCTA Association relaxed training standards in response to the global health crisis.  Therefore, this type of hybrid training presently meets standards for becoming a registered practitioner.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is the leading edge of CST practice!

Wellness Institute emphasizes a functional approach within a Biodynamic context.  You will gain new skills that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your practice.

Another advantage to the Wellness Institute training is our emphasis on how BCST is part of the larger field of energy medicine.  Our graduates include medical doctors, psychologists, nurses, massage therapists and other bodyworkers.

See the complete course description and training outline on the Craniosacral Therapy page of the site.

Lead Instructor: Roger Gilchrist has taught Craniosacral Biodynamics in the USA, Australia, and Europe.  He assisted Franklyn Sills in a foundation training for four years and continues to assist with advanced seminars.  This time-proven curriculum helps students learn effectively and integrate new skills.

Faculty in New York City:  Stephanie Rogers, along with Roger Gilchrist, MA.  (All RCSTs)

This is a complete professional training that takes place over two years.  Commitment to the entire is course is required to continue with seminars after level 1. This first level seminar may be taken as a stand-alone introduction to Craniosacral Biodynamics.

You must call the school to receive the Application Forms for this professional training program.  719-256-1111

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