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Craniosacral "Petals" Animations CD-ROM 2


The Cranio-Sacral Motion of the Vault and Cranial Base. This animated CD shows the biodynamics of bony motion organized around the cranial base. Several different views articulate the functional importance of this primary fulcrum in the body. Superior views into the cranial vault, views from below the cranial base, along with lateral, oblique, anterior, and a view through the foramen magnum. Expertly rendered, high resolution digital modelling. Craniosacral motion is a traditional foundation of CranioSacral Therapy.

Formatted for both PC and Mac.

“If you have ever tried to visualize the subtle movements of the cranial structures during ‘primary respiration,’ …you’ll appreciate these CD’s enormously…a remarkable achievement!”

--John Chitty, RCST

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