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Holistic Treatment Process
Moscow, Russia
March 11 - March 14, 2020

Holistic Treatment Process

Many craniosacral treatments are effective.  A different question is:  Are they holistic?  Holistic means the treatment works with all dimensions of our clients.  Even though Craniosacral Biodynamics emphasizes working in three fields of function (tissues, fluids, and bioenergy), it is not necessarily holistic.  This seminar demonstrates a treatment approach that works with patients’ consciousness, bioenergy field, nervous system, viscera, and structure—all as an integrated unit of function. 

NeuroEnergetic Therapy presents a modern framework for a holistic approach to treatment. 

This seminar consists of live demonstrations done by the professor with members of the seminar, plus practice time for students to apply what they learn.  The intention of the seminar is to create real-life examples of the holistic treatment process.  This is a master-level seminar, focused on learn by example, and immediate applied practice. 

This seminar brings together many of the skills cultivated in previous NeuroEnergetic Therapy seminars.  Now we start to work in a more integrative way, creatively combining our entire awareness of NeuroEnergeetic Therapy principles.

Roger Gilchrist, MA, RPE, RCST is a craniosacral therapist, energy medicine practitioner, and transpersonal psychologist.  He has kept an integrative, holistic practice since 1990.  He believes in promoting patients’ personal and spiritual growth as much as healing the body and balancing the physiology.  Roger is the author of Craniosacral Therapy and the Energetic Body,which is translated into Russian language.

Registrations for this seminar are made with the Russian Craniosacral Therapy Academy.
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