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Energy Tracing
Crestone, CO
August 9 - August 13, 2021
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Polarity Therapy describes three approaches to bodywork and therapeutic process: spatially oriented bodywork (for example, elemental triads expressing in three poles of the energy system), energy tracing, and process oriented bodywork. This seminar focuses on Energy Tracing. In some ways, energy tracing may be considered the real art of Polarity Therapy.

Cultivating our perceptual experience of principles like core/outward, the step-down of energy, and reflexivity, this seminar explores the dynamic processes in energetic healing.  Interacting with energy, the nervous system, physiology and structure, energy tracing lets us enter the therapeutic dance.  Like in a house of mirrors, the same pattern expresses through many facets, yet learning to interact with it different expressions in many domains is the wisdom of advanced practitioners.

Open the door to entirely new levels of healing!

Study with Roger Gilchrist, MA, RPE with more than 30 years experience teaching Polarity Therapy. Wellness Institute is one of the original approved trainings of the American Polarity Therapy Association.

Five day long class in the fresh air of Crestone, Colorado.


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