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Energy Medicine Principles in the Healing Arts
Washington, DC
March 27 - March 29, 2020

This seminar examines the inherent energy principles that organize living function and applies them to the therapeutic process.

We will study the science of the human energy field as well as ancient theories of the energy body.  This seminar explores the HEF and the chakras, their primary themes, and relationship to the five elements.  The harmonic reflexes of the five elements will be explored as they define the map of the energy body.  Furthermore, the organ reflexes, nervous system relationships, and connective tissue tracts in relation to these features are important.

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Instructor----Roger Gilchrist, MA, RPE, RCST is one of theworld's top authorities on energy medicine.  He has consulted with the National Institutes of Health on energy medicine and teaches on 3 continents.  Roger is the author of Craniosacral Therapy and the Energetic Body.  This is a rare opportunity to get a broad overview of energy medicine principles from an expert in the science, theories, and practices of the field. 

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