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Introduction to Craniosacral Biodynamics
New York City
July 5 - July 8, 2021
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This is a complete introductory seminar in Craniosacral Biodynamics designed to introduce the major themes of the work.  Along with providing basic craniosacral skills, this seminar is sure to be a journey of personal discovery and an encounter with a profound approach to bodywork and healing. 

This seminar is a stand-alone introduction to BCST.  It also qualifies as the first seminar of the professional training in BCST.

This is the only BCST introduction taught by Roger Gilchrist and faculty in New York this year.  Please join us at the gateway to a new opportunity in healing!

The Craniosacral Biodynamics professional training meets 4 times per year.  At this time it is unclear if we will be able to support a full training in New York.  Space rental prices have skyrocketed and it has become challenging to meet them.  Three options:  a) A full professional training must have a sufficient # of students to support it.  Tell your friends!  b) A hybird training combining distance learning (home study) and in-person mini-seminars for skill refinement.  c) Travel to the class in Washington, DC four times per year.

 COVID-19 Response from Wellness Institute and Disclaimer

Wellness Institute remains committed to starting new training programs in 2021.  Because of the unpredictable nature of the public health crisis, certain start times to initiate new trainings cannot be guaranteed.  This website represents the current status for intended trainings.

Some trainings listed block registrations to avoid having to make refunds in the event the epidemic prevents or delays classes.  You should, however, register on the Interest List  for the relevant class.

In regard to all trainings, you should register yourself on the Interest List for that training in order to be counted among students in the intended group, and to receive information and updates about the classes.  Register on the Interest List one of three ways:  1)  Send your name and contact information to this email: (please note this is not the website “info@” email and is more direct than the Contact Us address), 2) Call us at +1-719-256-1111, or 3) click the Register for Class button on the site, but realize in some cases you are paying for the class when you register this way. 

We need a confirmed group size to begin new trainings.  The public health crisis has interrupted and altered our regular enrolment and registration process.  Therefore, we will not begin new training programs until they have filled a sufficient group size.  That is, start dates will be postponed if necessary, until the required minimum group size is reached.  The start of the training will be delayed one interval in the typical training cycle for any given postponement.  Your place is the training is held once you have registered, per above, and had your training application approved (for trainings that require a formal application).

We recommend you follow these steps for entering a training:

  1. Identify the training you are interested in.
  2. Register on the Interest List, per above.
  3. Submit the application for BCST trainings
  4. Check the website and email contact for updates about your training.

Thank you for understanding and being flexible during this challenging time!

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