Distance Learning: Enhancing Immune Function and Resiliency with CST

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Enhancing Immune Function and Resiliency with CST


Craniosacral Therapy for Enhancing the Immune System

This timely course teaches beneficial skills for enhancing immune system functioning.  Craniosacral Therapy was originally developed within osteopathic medicine, with its understanding of physiology and health.  You will learn how to contact the inherent health in yourself and clients.  We will study how the immune system is compromised by stressful circumstances, and ways of supporting it to return to balance.  Obviously, this is a critical time for using these practices in our lives and with our clients.

Specific course content includes:

  • Ways of recognizing the inherent health in living systems.
  • Supporting the natural dynamics of the healing process.
  • Understanding the body’s stress circuits, anatomically and biochemically.
  • Bodywork methods for reducing stress and enhancing immunity.
  • Specific approaches for reducing respiratory inflammation.
  • The nature of consciousness, mind, and spirit in relation to immune functioning and overall wellness.

This seminar offers critical information for practitioners in the healing arts.  Keeping the immune system strong is fundamental during a pandemic.  For people who have had Covid, this work helps to restore immune system balance.  If you work with long-haulers who have residual symptoms, this work reaches the deeper imbalances that have maintained the responses.  Healing is always possible, and this course explores the essential dynamics of healing.

Instructor — Roger Gilchrist, MA, RCST is a highly regarded international teacher of Craniosacral Biodynamics.  He has led professional training courses on three continents and teaches osteopaths in Europe.  Also a psychotherapist, Roger’s specialty is working with neuro-endocrine and immune issues, and restorative processes in relation to chronic health conditions.  We are very fortunate to have his expertise available in this seminar, as we navigate personal and societal healing from the stress of an epidemic.

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