Distance Learning: Polarity Therapy: Energy that Heals!

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Polarity Therapy: Energy that Heals!


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Gain practical skills and a basic understanding of the Human Energy System in this thorough introduction to Polarity Therapy.

Part 1: Energy dynamics and general balancing.

Part 2: Chakra balancing.

Part 3: Spine and Nervous System Techniques.

Perfect to integrate into any healing practice, and especially useful additions for massage therapists, nurses, and chiropractors.

Course includes: 3 DVD Set, complete course notes, learning objectives, practice exercises, and structured guidance to get the most out of the program.

"This is a very good introduction to Polarity Therapy that presents effective techniques that anyone can apply right away. Gilchrist's voice and manner made it seem that I was standing by the table as he was explaining the skills."

--Steve Eabry, Massage Magazine
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