Distance Learning: Energy Medicine and Polarity Therapy-- Polarity Therapy Professional Training

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Energy Medicine and Polarity Therapy-- Polarity Therapy Professional Training
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Welcome to the future of Polarity Therapy!

This distance learning program uses leading edge educational awareness to let you get the most out of home study! 

This beautiful program was filmed in the natural environment of Crestone, Colorado in high definition video.  Professionally editted and rich with graphics and illustrations, stories of Dr. Stone, and details drawn from over 30 years of professional practice--this complete training program provides a clear, explicit depiction of Polarity Therapy principles and practice.

Certification requires an in-person seminar with Roger Gilchrist or any RPE of your choosing to meet APTA requirements.  See also the article on Certification and Credentials in Polarity Therapy.


  • APP Certification
  • RPP advanced modules on specialty topics are available following this level of study, leading to certification as a BCPP.
  • BCPP exam preparation

This comprehensive course provides a complete foundation for practice in Polarity Therapy.

Polarity Therapy is one of the best ways to become acquainted with energy-based healing. The course is designed to meet the needs of experienced professionals as well as newcomers to the healing arts. This proven course has been used successfully for years; we have graduates in many countries around the world!

This course establishes a complete foundation for practice in Polarity Therapy. Topics include: Complete Theory of the Human Energy System, Five Elements, Three Principles, Chakras, Field Dynamics, Physiology and Energy, Consciousness and the Healing Process. Course includes 24 DVDs, comprehensive course manual, a proven sequence for learning Polarity Therapy that makes the concepts easy to integrate, structured learning exercises and practice sessions, then professional supervision and personal coaching completes the study and recognizes you as a Certified Polarity Therapist. (To earn the APP credential with the American Polarity Therapy Association, additional in-person supervision/clinic week is required.)

Course Tuition: $1250 provides all course materials, complete study program, DVDs and Course Manual. Professional supervision is optional and is the final requirement for certification. An additional Supervision Fee of $1000 is paid (in stages) at the time when supervision is received. 

Call us for details on Distance Learning to become a Certified Polarity Therapist:

    "The information and the way you present it is exceptionally good and very clear. Polarity concepts are challenging to teach as the work is multidimensional. The way you have organized this is wonderful!"

    --Peter Farnsworth, ND

"I am awed by the program you have created!  It is extremely well-done!"  --BW

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