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Stillpoint Facilitator
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Give yourself a craniosacral session at home! The Harris Stillpointer is specifically designed to take your body into a stillpoint for rest and revitalization. Helps reduce stress, balance body energy and integrate the nervous system. A mini- craniosacral therapy session anytime!

Benefits of stillpoints include:

  • Interrupts the stress cycle
  • Increases immune function 
  • Raises energy level 
  • Improves concentration 
  • Deepens rest 
  • Helps you relax!

“I love the Stillpointer. When I need to relax and find balance in a busy day, ten minutes is all it takes!”

--Charlotte deHeinrich, Organizational Consultant

“Miraculous in its ability to reduce chronic muscle strains and even heal old injuries!”

--Karen Morch, Olympic Gold Medalist

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