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Polyvagal Theory, Nervous System Resiliency, and Psychoneuroimmunology
Washington, DC
September 30 - October 2, 2022
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Psychoneuroimmunology and Biodynamic Practices—NeuroEnergetic Therapy seminar 5

Psychoneuroimmunology is explored in relation to the polyvagal theory of the autonomic nervous system, the HPA Axis, and pituitary-dependent endocrine functions.  All of these functions are accessible with Craniosacral Biodynamics, so Biodynamic CST practices for improving neuroendocrine relationships will be learned.

Polyvagal theory is a revolutionary view of the Vagus Nerve and its many functions.  This new physiological understanding was developed by Stephen Porges, MD, PhD, a medical doctor, psychiatrist, and neurologist.  Polyvagal theory helps us appreciate more precisely how autonomic stress responses influence visceral dynamics and other broad aspects of physiologic function.  We will examine the evolutionary history of the Vagus Nerve and detail the myelinated and unmyelinated aspects of the nerve.  We will differentiate heart and respiratory system effects compared to digestive system influences from the vagus nerve.

The HPA Axis is the body’s foundation for homeostasis.  The hypothalamus, pituitary (hypophysis), and adrenal glands are in a dynamic co-regulating relationship that is constantly rebalancing the body.  When this physiology is significantly unbalanced, a cascade of effects challenge the body.  We will learn Biodynamic CST approaches to rebalancing the HPA axis.

Pituitary-dependent endocrine functions in the rest of the endocrine system will be studied in relation to the HPA axis.  Overall, this seminar explores how to use BCST and NET to facilitate better physiological balance throughout life, and to restore the body to better levels of creative self-regulation.

This seminar is part of the ongoing NET professional diploma training for advanced Biodynamic CST practitioners. 

NeuroEnergetic Therapy™ presents a revolution in energy medicine and holistic health care.  The components of NET include an understanding of the human energy system, familarity with the biodynamic organizing principles of life, transpersonal psychology concepts, and awareness neuroendocrine-immune interactions. Special seminars will develop each knowledge area.  With this combined awareness, the practitioner is able to navigate the therapeutic terrain more skilfully and to orient to the most efficient therapeutic approaches in each given domain.  We will work closely together in small seminars to ensure clear understanding of each of the above domains, and develop an integrative use of therapeutic skills.  Based on the latest research in neuroplasticity and resilience, we will develop an integrative approach to promoting the most efficient healing.  See the complete description in the article on this site, NeuroEnergetic Therapy™.  Entry into the training is by application only. Applicants should call Wellness Institute for a personal interview and to request the application.

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