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Facing the World Again--the face, the jaw, and the social nervous system
Washington, DC
December 2 - December 4, 2022
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Facing the World Again

Reconnecting with the face, the jaw, and the social nervous system after the pandemic!

December 2-4, 2022   Washington, DC   Held at PMTI, 8701 Georgia Ave., 9:30--6:00

This seminar discusses, then uses Craniosacral Biodynamics to remediate, the challenging issues resulting from pandemic responses, including people’s responses to extended mask-wearing, social isolation, mistrust, and public mandates.  The consequences of these things have embedded themselves in structure and function of the body.  Issues ranging from jaw tension and misalignment to temporal bone strain, ringing in the ears, balance complications, vagal dysfunction, inaccurate interpretation of social cues, interruptions of the HPA axis, and immune system consequences will be addressed.

Instructor— Roger Gilchrist, MA, RCST studied the sociology of health care under Max Heirich, PhD, consultant on public health provision to five presidential administrations.  Gilchrist studied polyvagal theory directly with Stephen Porges, MD, PhD.  He currently studies osteopathic structural approaches with Ron Bowen, DO.  Additionally, Gilchrist’s experience as a psychotherapist includes working with the emotional aspects of conditioned experience.  All of these influences are significant in the present seminar.  Following early mentoring with Franklyn Sills, Gilchrist has taught Craniosacral Biodynamics around the world, and now is focusing specialty seminars on recovery from physical and social consequences of the pandemic.

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