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Australian Craniosacral Biodynamics Professional Training --
Sydney, NSW, Australia
June 9 - June 13, 2021
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Wellness Institute has been teaching Craniosacral Biodynamics trainings in Australia since 2004.  Our curriculum is based on international standards.  In the 2021-2023 training, Roger Gilchrist and Conny Pulvermacher lead the teaching team, assisted by experienced tutors. 

Applications for Admission are required.  Contact Conny Pulvermacher at  +61 418 498874

Complete course description is on the Craniosacral Therapy page.  The first seminar may be taken as a stand alone introduction to Craniosacral Biodynamics, however, it is intended as the first module of a nine seminar series:


This seminar is also the first level of a nine seminar series leading to the RCST credential with the Pacific Association for Craniosacral Therapists.  Students wishing to attain the RCST credential from the Pacific Association for Craniosacral Therapists complete nine seminars, homework assignments and pass a final exam.  When you graduate, you are eligible for the RCST credential and member benefits in the Association.  For students in Australia, the training is also an approved training of the Pacific Association for Craniosacral Therapy.


Watch this video for a taste of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Roger Gilchrist's teaching style:


The new training in BCST is entirely based on principles and practice in this healing art.  Roger Gilchrist is the lead instructor.  Roger has taught Craniosacral Biodynamics in the USA, Australia, and Europe.  He is assisted by professional tutors who will work closely with you to help you learn precision in Biodynamic practice.  We are confident that students in this training are entering one of the best Craniosacral Biodynamics trainings in the world.  We hope you can take advantage of this opportunity, as we will not be starting a new training for another two years.


Please Note:  The location for the seminar is  Synagogue Annex,  15 Treatts Road,  Lindfield, NSW. This location may change.

Applications for Admission are required.  Contact Conny Pulvermacher at  +61 418 498874

For more inquiries about the BCST training program, please email your request to and to

 The nine seminar series in Australia occurs 3x per year, in February, June, and October.   The first two seminar dates are planned as: 

June 9-13, 2021

October 6-10, 2021

Please note:  The tuition cost for the training is AUD $1100, $1200, or $1250 per module, depending on the payment plan selected.  Payment plan options are sent with your Application Packet, available from Conny Pulvermacher, above.  The Tuition costs are not represented on this website because the underlying programming is in US dollars.  Thank you for understanding.





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