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Spiritual Aspects of NeuroEnergetic Therapy
Washington, DC
June 23 - June 25, 2023
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Spiritual Aspects of NeuroEnergetic Therapy™ 

NeuroEnergetic Therapy is a way of maximizing human potential.  Instructor, Roger Gilchrist, is a transpersonal psychotherapist with a broad spectrum of experience in advancing human potential.  He has studied directly with Stanislav Grof, Jacqueline Small, and William L. Mikulas.  Roger has published transpersonal articles in peer-reviewed journals. 

The transpersonal psychology aspect of NET emphasizes the spiritual dimension of the healing process.

What is the spiritual dimension of healing?  It is what the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung called the numinous— the unknowable, ever-present breath.  What the American psychologist William James called the ineffable—the intangible, transparent presence.  And what Czech-American psychiatrist Stanislav Grof says expresses a perennial philosophy.  How do we tap into this timeless wisdom in the healing process and become a humble servant to the Breath of Life?

This seminar explores these questions, and looks at how to become more open to the Breath of Life doing the treatment while it uses you as the channel.  Along the way, we will review primary principles of NeuroEnergetic Therapy, explore ways of engaging the therapeutic process, and discover why NET creates a meta-model for energy medicine and healing.  As we do this, hopefully we come closer and closer to what really is the essence of healing.

This is the final seminar in the NET series.  For students who have attended all seminars, and met the other course requirements, graduation will award a diploma.  Other students from previous NET modules (who have not attended all) are welcome to attend this seminar, if the topic is interesting to you.  We look forward to sharing this completion to a great journey in NeuroEnergetic Therapy!


Instructor:  Roger Gilchrist, MA, RPE, RCST, is a transpersonal psychotherapist, polarity therapist, and international teacher of Craniosacral Biodynamics.  He has pioneered NeuroEnergetic Therapy in the USA, Australia, and the Czech Republic.  Roger’s transpersonal mentors have included his direct study with Stanislav Grof, MD, collegial work with William Mikulas (The Way Beyond), and time in the presence of various spiritual teachers. 


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