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Shock Resolution in Craniosacral Biodynamics
Sydney, NSW
January 15 - January 17, 2019
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approx. 545 AUD

This seminar is a specialty seminar in Craniosacral Biodynamics.  It is relevant for post-graduate practitioners and current students at least half way through a BCST training.  The intention is to add new perspective in clinical practice on the dynamics of shock, and advanced BCST approaches to shock resolution. 

Classes are held in Lindfield, NSW (Sydney northern suburbs) at the Synagogue Annex, 15 Treatts Rd.

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This advanced seminar is a combination of information from Franklyn Sills, William Emerson, and Scott Zamurut's deep inquiries into shock resolution via the craniosacral system, and Roger Gilchrist's expertise in transpersonal psychology, BCST, and osteopathic approaches to defacilitating the nervous system.

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