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Visceral Dynamics: Biodynamic approaches to the Internal Organs
New York City
September 16 - September 20, 2019
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Visceral Dynamics examines the inherent motion of the internal organs, the tensions of their support ligaments and connective tissue envelopes, and the embryological imperative contained in each organ.  This broadens the craniosacral therapy model to the functions of the whole body.  Additionally, the energetic signature and emotional tone of each organ leads to insightful awareness in the treatment process.


Roger Gilchrist, MA, RCST, has taught Visceral Biodynamics to medical doctors and osteopaths in Europe and to craniosacral therapists in the USA and Australia.  He is a direct protege of Franklyn Sills.  In his own teaching, Roger emphasizes a functional approach to Biodynamic CST.

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