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Craniosacral Biodynamics -- Hybrid Training
Distance Learning plus Supervised Practice
January 1, 2022 - December 28, 2024
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This is a brand new way to study Craniosacral Biodynamics!  This hybrid training of video-based lessons (online and/or DVD) plus instructor led study groups maximizes your time and deepens learning.  Call 719-256-1111 to discuss details.  Each seminar is professionally filmed and precisely instructed.  Each seminar tuition is $650; supervised practice groups incur additional fees, TBD.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is the leading edge of CST practice!

Wellness Institute emphasizes a functional approach within a Biodynamic context.  Another advantage to the Wellness Institute training is our emphasis on how BCST is part of the larger field of energy medicine.  Read the Craniosacral Therapy page and course description for more information. 

You will gain new skills that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your practice.  Our graduates include medical doctors, psychologists, nurses, massage therapists and other bodyworkers.

Craniosacral Biodynamics Hybrid Professional Training by Wellness Institute, Features:

  • All lessons taught by Roger Gilchrist, MA, RCST®, in video format, filmed live in in-person classes by professional videographers.
  • Tutor Supervised Practice Groups scheduled monthly, include short lessons and review, plus practice exchanges supervised by BCTA approved teacher.
  • Online (Zoom) group supervision, scheduled quarterly (one per class module) with Roger Gilchrist. This is similar to the discussion times in class, providing Q/A in which students can learn from each other’s inquiries and experiences, and professional supervision responses to guide ongoing practices.
  • Individual supervision sessions, PRN, with Roger Gilchrist, and with other BCTA approved teachers.
  • Final in-person seminar with Roger Gilchrist, including hands-on test out and feedback. 

Historic Background:  The BCST Hybrid Training was begun during the height of the Covid-era.  Because teachers could not hold public group gatherings and students could not attend in-person classes, this was an alternative way to study BCST offered to a small number of highly motivated students.

Competence:  As the training director, I expect essentially the same level of practitioner competence from students completing hybrid professional training as I do from students who do their entire training in regular in-person classes. 

Accountability:  As an experienced educator in several fields in ‘complementary and alternative health care,’ I take my responsibility as a professional educator seriously.  Originally I was skeptical of distance learning trainings and hybrid study opportunities.  Over 20 years they have proved their validity to me. 

Results:  My experience as an educator leading distance learning programs in a different field has been so positive, it was natural to try it out for BCST during the “suspended time” when there was a moratorium on teaching and learning in-person.  In many cases, students actually learn material better and more deeply because of the opportunity to review lessons, more than they would do in in-person classes.  With the addition of tutor supervised practices and professionally rendered supervision, these students are getting a lot! 

The same classroom instruction is provided in this alternative format as you would receive in the classroom setting.  For motivated students with experience in the bodywork arts, the hybrid training for BCST can give you the skills and understanding necessary to include Craniosacral Biodynamics in your existing practice. 

Disclosure:  At this time, the Craniosacral Biodynamics Hybrid Training creates eligibility for the RCST credential through the BCTA's non-normative application. While the hybrid version of our training is not a BCTA approved training (whereas our in-person training is approved), practitioners may earn the credential through this alternative pathway.  Call and have a discussion with our director to clarify any questions about this.

If you are interested in studying the philosophy, art and techniques, anatomy, and principles of Craniosacral Biodynamics, we’d like to welcome you to this new opportunity for studying Craniosacral Biodynamics.  Call us with any question you might have about BCST:   719-256-1111.

See the complete course description and training outline on the Craniosacral Therapy page of the site.

Lead Instructor: Roger Gilchrist has taught Craniosacral Biodynamics in the USA, Australia, Europe.  Students have included medical doctors and osteopaths, psychologists, nurses, physical therapists, and bodyworkers.  Roger assisted Franklyn Sills with foundation trainings and advanced seminars.  This time-proven curriculum helps students learn effectively and integrate new skills.

Faculty in New York City:  Stephanie Rogers, and Roger Gilchrist. 

Faculty in Sydney:  Conny Pulvermacher and Helen Russell (Coff's Harbour).

Faculty in Washington, DC:  Mike Duggan, Mary Maruca, James Foulkes, and Roger Gilchrist. 

Online mini-seminars with instructors consolidate your learninng.  Tutor supervised study groups will be available intermittently in certain locations where possible.  Instructors are all RCSTs and have been teachers for Wellness Institute's classroom based trainings.

You must call the school to receive the Application Forms for this professional training program.  719-256-1111


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