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The Tide, the Chakras, and Endocrine Glands
April 12 - April 14, 2024
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This seminar is open to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapists and other bodyworkers interested in how subtle dynamics directly influence the physiology.  The inherent Health of the body begins as an energetic organizing principle, then manifests through layers of function that become increasingly tangible.  The endocrine system is a magical gateway between subtle energy dynamics and body physiology, expressing both seen and unseen dynamics, and interfacing between the physical and mysterious realms. 

This webinar/online seminar appreciates the midline, the central energy axis, as organizing the entire human energy field.  We will perceive the natural pulsations of life energy that extend from that midline axis and are palpable throughout the body.  The Chakra System is a set of portals through which that life energy is distributed; the chakras transmute that biodynamic intrinsic force into different frequencies that are useful for the bodymind.  The seminar details the chakra system and spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects associated with each chakra.  Interestingly, the endocrine glands are located in the regions of each chakra and can be seen as resonant with the subtle energy centers.

The motility of the endocrine glands will be explored from a Biodynamic perspective.  The inherent motion of each endocrine gland will be supported in practitioner sessions.  Additionally, we will detail the anatomical surrounding for each endcrine gland so it can be worked with in an overall phsyical, energetic, conscious approach.

This webinar is the lead-in to an in-person Polarity Therapy training to be held at PMTI (in Washington, DC) quarterly throughout 2024 and into 2025.  Certification is available in Polarity Therapy.  This webinar may be taken as a stand-alone class as well.

Schedule for the webinar:  Tuition includes 10-12 hours of didactic instruction Friday through Sunday, April 12-14, 2024, two class periods each day that are up to two hours each, on the following schedule:

12:00-2:00 pm Eastern (9:00-11:00 am Pacific [then break*], followed by second lesson:  4:00-6:00 pm Eastern (1:00-3:00 pm Pacific).  *The break may be used to exchange practice with another student, as well as doing so after the second lesson the first two days of the seminar.  Or, build these skills into your regular practice.

Roger Gilchrist, MA, RPE, RCST has taught Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Biodynamics worldwide.  He is respected as international expert on energy medicine.  A past vice president of the American Polarity Therapy Association, Roger approaches energy medicine in a grounded fashion, focusing on observable benefits in the treatment of clients.  He has maintained an integrative clinical practice combining BCST, Polarity Therapy, and psychotherapy since 1986.

This webinar is your chance to study with a master teacher in energy medicine in regard to practical applications in the healing art.  This seminar continues Wellness Institute's commitment to awareness and skills that support immune system integrity--something very necessary as we continue healing from the global health crisis.

Tuition cost for this webinar is kept reasonable for ease-of-access to this important knowledge.

"I would rather have knowledge than information."  --Wm. G. Sutherland, DO, founder of cranial osteopathy.




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