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Cranial Base Patterns and Whole Body Dynamics
New York City
March 11 - March 15, 2019
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This is the fourth seminar in the Craniosacral Biodynamics professional training taught in New York. 

The 2017 and 2018 initializing classes will combine and continue in this training.  See the Program Description for details about this seminar, and why it is pivotal in overall study of BCST.

Rgistration is closed to new students.

New York City  BCST  Seminar Dates


June 18-22, 2018                  Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Overview

September 23-28, 2018       Principles of Craniosacral Biodynamics  at Omega Institute*

December 10-14, 2018        Patterns of Experience / Body Architecture

March 11-15, 2019               Cranial Base Patterns and Whole Body Dynamics

June 17-21, 2019                  The Inherent Treatment Plan

September 16-20, 2019       Visceral Dynamics / Internal Organ Work

December 9-13, 2019           Central Nervous System Motility

March 16-20, 2020               Psychospiritual Implications of Nerve Facilitation

June 15-19, 2020                  Face and TMJ Relationships in Biodynamic CST

September 21-25, 2020       Birth Dynamics, Integration, and Graduation



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